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Product information

Item number: 687940

Marternator is a repeller for rodents. It is an animal-friendly device due to the use of ultrasonic sound and flashes of light.


  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 22-45 kHz
  • Power Supply: DC12V
  • Power consumption: 0.6W
  • Sound pressure: 90dB
  • Operating temperature range: +/- -30 C to 70 C
Marternators Box

Individual parts

  1. On-off switch
  2. Ultrasonic speaker
  3. Power indicator
  4. Cable port
  5. Function indicator
  6. Cable

How to install?

  1. Connect the two connectors to the car battery, black lead / cathode (-), red lead / anode (+).
  2. Secure the device to other cables with the supplied nylon cable ties.
  3. Turn on the power and switch. The power indicator (red) and the function indicator (white light) will remain lit for 3 seconds. The machine starts working and delivers ultrasound.

When the vehicle starts, the device detects the vibration of the car. The power indicator flashes red and the unit has stopped working.
When the vehicle stops, it will stop vibrating and after 90 seconds the device will start to work.

The vehicles are powered by a 12V battery, cars, motorcycles, tractors, trucks, etc. We do not recommend installing this device in damp areas or allowing water to enter the device. Protect the device from dust and dirt to avoid unnecessary damage.


  1. Included in the vibration sensor that makes noise when the device is shaken, which is normal.
  2. Overcurrent can blow a fuse. If the unit (all indicators) do not light up when plugged in and turned on, check the red fuse and replace it if it is broken (125W 500mA 250V).
  3. Improper installation may cause a short circuit or electric shock. We recommend that the unit be installed by a professional technician to avoid incorrect installation.
  4. If traces of rodents are found in the engine compartment after installation, check the power indicator but note point 2 above.
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